Teddy’s Last Ride

© Neeltje De Vries
                   © Neeltje De Vries

Teddy’s Last Ride is the latest performing arts company founded, performed, and directed by a pack of misfits in their 20’s.
The company, composed by dancers, musicians and actors, was established in Groningen (NL) in 2017.

Our philosophy is centered around the creative suspicion that art isn’t necessarily holy or exclusive, but must also be attainable, relatable, and therefor at times grotesque, confrontational, and and an effective means to reflect upon our experiences by incorporating elements from Pop culture, something commonplace, and still maintaining it’s poetic balance.

Our aim is to make art that gives voice to our generation and that shape the society into the world we want to live in. In order to share our message with people ( unconcerned with their cultural backgrounds or previous interest in the arts), we founded a company which combines location, theatre performances, and dance shows with art installations.