Sander Roux

Sander Roux was born the 27th of November 1989 in Johannesburg, South Africa . In 2011 he started his studies in Leeuwarden: NHL – Arts and Education, from which he graduated in 2017.

During his studies he got an internship at the dance company Club Guy & Roni. There he worked as directors assistant to Guy Weizman  on ‘My Private Odyssey’ (2014), ‘Phobia’ (2015), ‘Happiness’ (2016) and as production assistant to Eva Puschendorf on the ‘Weekend Break Festival’ at Paradigm (2015).

He directed theatre pieces such as ‘De Jossen’ (2016) (co-produced by de Noorderlingen and Club Guy and Roni) and ‘Momentum’ (2017)  (co-produced by Theater na de Dam, de Noorderlingen and NNT). He currently works as a freelance theatre and film director, playwright and actor. Next to that he teaches theatre at De Noorderlingen, Noorderpoort School voor de Kunsten and Loods 13.

Since 2017 he works as director, playwright and performer with Teddy’s Last Ride.


What do you think love is?
Ok here we go… I see love as a universal field of potential energy and consciousness. I like to think of it scientifically and perceive it as a force comparable to radio waves. It penetrates everything in our reality. You can tune into it with your body and mind, like a radio. Some people talk with it, some meditate, some pray, some people do yoga or have sex to find this connection. All the same in my opinion. This force invites anyone who connects to this field, to inspire, create, connect, accept, find joy and peace. And no, I’m not a hippy. In relation to love, fear is as valuable and should get a damn break from being pushed aside all the time.

What happens when we die?
The light goes out and your body either get burnt to ashes or gets eaten by worms. Your consciousness changes states like ice melting into water. I see human consciousness as a crystalline form of the more fluid form, which is love.

What is your meaning of life?
A meaning would imply that there is an end-goal to this whole mess, which in turn implies that one could possibly not reach it because they suck at it… Nay to that, that’s to easy. Why not see life as a chain of endless opportunity and potential to learn, explore, love, connect, fail, succeed, hurt and get hurt. You get points no matter what you do. The trick is to give meaning to these instances of action… What’s your goal when you act? In other instances I really don’t get the whole point and just wing it, GTA style.

Do you believe in unicorns?
I believe that horses also like to pretend they’re more sparkly and fabulous than they really are in daily life.