Sonia Zwolska

In 1993, Sonia Zwolska was born on the 17th of September Poznan (Poland). She started her dance education at the age of 11 though the National Ballet School of her home city.

In 2012, Sonia started her training at Codarts – Rotterdam Dance Academy where she graduated with a Bachelor of Dance – Performance in 2016.

Her role in the choreography “The Third Person” by Felix Landerer was awarded by Corrie Hartong Dansfonds in addition to her NORMA Dance Award for most outstanding dancer presented during 2015’s  IT’S Festival in Amsterdam.

In 2015 she worked for Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club, and is now a founder of Teddy’s Last Ride, where she has been working as a performer since 2017.


If you had a tattoo on your butt what would it be? 

Why did you choose dance?

What do you think love is?
It’s like this one song that you listen to thousand times and it never gets boring and gives you goose bumps…

What is your meaning of life?