New Safe Sex announced

After a year from its first edition, Teddy’s Last Ride is ready to bring back its safest, yet sexiest experience and this time we are not alone, because we all know, in sex: the more the merrier!

Legendary Subsonic and ‘rule-breaker’ Wasted join forces with Groningen performing arts company Teddy’s Last Ride to deliver a night of experience, wonder and transformation.

On this night we encourage you to get (metaphorically) naked and to explore your darkest (or brightest) secrets.

We are doing it too. And we can’t wait to show you!

We’ll take the first steps towards the transformative power of the night and we expect you to follow us, because yes:
The more the merrier.
And the deeper the better.
And the louder the nicer.

We will transform our location (curious eh?! You have probably never been there, isn’t that exciting?) in a playground where beats, performance, drinks and good times mix and blend to form a perfect cocktail of sexy, sweaty, beat-y times.
Do we need to say anything more? We won’t…

21 March Safe Sex With Subsonic: The Wasted Mayhem Edition
Van Schendelstraat 1, 9721 GV Groningen, Nederland

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Andy Smart/Teddy’s Last Ride @ ESNS

The Others, with its lonely alien is hitting planet Earth again!
And this time as part of local ESNS program, Grunnsonic.

Andy Smart, through otherworldly vibrato, takes you through chapter of his own loneliness and heartache with the use of dance, club beats and projections.

After an explosive tour through the Netherlands with the Popronde, The Others will land in Teddy’s Last Ride’s hometown again for another alieny-electronic-pop spectacle!

17 January Andy Smart/Teddy’s Last Ride @ ESNS,
Nachtcafé Warhol
Papengang 6, 9711PA Groningen

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Come and see us!

Teaser by Oostblok

Come and check out some excerpts from our brand-new multidisciplinary production KillerWave!

2 November, Let’s Gro Groningen
15 November, Station Noord Makersdag, Grand Theatre Groningen
30 November, Fair Saturday, Harmonie Leeuwarden

Andy Smart at national Popronde!

Foto by Knelis

12 September, NEUS, Popronde Nijmegen
13 September, Mansion 24, Popronde Apeldoorn
19 September, Plexus, Popronde Delft
20 September, Podium Asteriks, Popronde Leeuwarden
27 September, Café Thomas, Popronde Eindhoven
4 October, Tramkade van Aken, Popronde Den Bosch (cancelled)
10 October, Bodytalk, Popronde Utrecht
9 November, Walhalla, Popronde Deventer
30 November, Melkweg, Popronde Amsterdam (HET EINDFEEST!)

New dates!

Foto by Knelis

31 August, The Others, Festival De Oversteek Nijmegen
21 September, The Others, Kadepop Groningen
21 September Safe Sex, Raw Cuts #3: Dave Maze (USA), Guus Christian & Teddy’s Last Ride at Grand Theatre Groningen
28 September, The Others + Safe Sex, Verkadefabriek Den Bosch

july 20 PREMIÈRE The Others @WTTV

teddy's last ride
Foto: Niels Knelis

Première time at festival Welcome to the Village!

“What are we doing here, all alone? Circling stars that are not our own anymore?”
– Andy Smart

The Others is an electronic pop-spectacle that features three aliens and their cautionary tale of the future. With other-worldly vibrato, vocalist Andy Smart will lead you through chapters of his own heartache & loneliness, with the use of projections, dance and club beats.
The show reflects upon what makes us human, the power of vulnerability, and the value of light in dark spaces.

Get ready: The Others have arrived!

Read all about it here!