Teddy’s Last Ride at Welcome to The Village in Leeuwarden on July 20-22!

Teddy’s Last Ride will develop a brand new piece at DORP during festival Welcome to the Village! The first results of THIRST will be shown on Friday and Saturday! We’ll also perform Self-Accusation on Saturday and Sunday! See you in Leeuwarden! 

July 21 / 21:30 / 23:30 
July 22 / 22:00

July 20 / 16:00 / 18:00 / 19:45
July 21/ 18:00

For more info check out the website of Welcome to the Village!
Click here for Self-Accusation and here for THIRST

Come to see ‘THROUGH THE VALLEY’ the 4th of July @ Spr!tzl Festival in Amsterdam!!!


‘Through the Valley’ is a piece that was born as an investigation about morality and, more broadly, as a reflection on the concepts of right, wrong and individual truth.  It’s the first theater piece fully made from and for Teddy’s Last Ride as an independent company/ collective. It’s a combination of dance, live singing, video projections, text and original music composition, directed by Manuel Paolini.

Get your tickets for the premiere here


Sneak Peek

Tonight we’re bringing ‘Self Accusation’ back to life.
A public run-through for your eyes only.

45 minutes
Grand Theatre, Groningen
Starting @ 21:00
Entrance = free

Première ‘Take Care’ tonight!

Tonight our latest performance ‘Take Care’ will première at the Jonge Harten Theatre Festival in Groningen. A co-production with our dear friends De Noorderlingen and Jonge Harten. Come and see us perform at the Machinefabriek on the 22nd and 23rd of november, 21:00! 

Jonge Harten

And we’re off!

Hello sweet people,

The website of ‘Teddy’s Last Ride’ is up and running.
We’ll be supplying you with regular updates concerning our mischievous undertakings right here .


The Teddies