The performance ‘KASPAR’, originally made for Club Guy&Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club, is based on the story of Kaspar Hauser by Peter Handke. According to the boy who spent his first fifteen years in a dark cell in 1828 in the german city Neurenburg, neglected and with the knowledge and behavior of a four years old. He could barely speak but was able to write his name and became a living legend.

Director Hendrik Aerts en choreographer Angela Herenda chose to have all the performers play Kaspar. They are very intrigued by the idea of ‘zonder begrip zijn’. In a dared and in all facets theatrical performance dancers, musicians and performers dive into the life of Kaspar. ‘To be someone like somebody else was once’. With impressive and touching singing and music, and performers that keep your attention drawn.

Directing: Hendrik Aerts
Choreography: Angela Herenda
Performers: Agnese Fiocchi, Patrick de Haan, Harold Luya, Tatiana Matveeva, Manuel Paolini, Milan Schudel and Sonia Zwolska.
Performing/musicians: Judith Döhn, Andy Smart and Elenie Wagner.
Scenography: Pim Kraan
Light Design: Wil Frikken
Sounddesign and general technique: Martin J. A. Lambeek
Make-up: Sara Maarman
Partners Academy Minerva, Kunstraad Groningen.