Teddy’s Last Ride

Teddy’s Last Ride, a piece originally commissioned for Club Guy & Roni’s Weekend Break Festival, was directed, choreographed and performed by the members and founders of what has matured into their very own performing arts collective (also named Teddy’s Last Ride) .

Loosely inspired by the anti-heroes immortalized through Chuck Palahniuk’s gritty tale “Haunted”, the Teddies carry their audience through a thirty minute journey of obscene self-exploration, heartbreaking stories, and dirty ‘basement beats’ as they dance and shuffle their way through the chaos of their 20’s.

Director: Tatiana Matveeva
Dance: Patrick De Haan, Agnese Fiocchi, Manuel Paolini, Milan Schudel, Sonia Zwolska.
Music: Andy Smart, Adriaan Bon.
Lights: Janine De Weerd
Set Design: Pim Kraan
Costume Design: Hiltje Andringa
Producer: Club Guy and Roni