A man (Manuel Paolini) attempts to engage in a relation with the lifeless sand. Supported by a literal wall of sound, the crowd will find itself trapped between the impressive sound system and the mountain of sand. As an ode to the attempt, the human condition of standing up after a fall. The performance started from a curiosity towards this remarkable human characteristic of wanting.

We are confronted with a human that wants more than the environment can give him. Every attempt, every failure brings him closer to acceptance, still he has to keep standing one way or another. THIRST is an absurd, surreal and fast performance touching themes such as greed, loneliness and the constant battle to never lose. But what’s to gain anyway? 
This project started at Station Noord, the talent development programme by the bigger performing art organizations from the north of the Netherlands. This project is supported through Station Noord by Noorderzon, Club Guy & Roni and Grand Theatre Groningen and is a co-produced by Welcome to the Village and Electronic Music Society.

Pictures by Ruben van Vliet at Welcome to the Village festival


Through The Valley

Foto: Lex Vesseur

Through the Valley is a piece that was born as an investigation about morality and, more broadly, as a reflection on the concepts of right, wrong and individual truth. In order to develop the concept director Manuel Paolini did research on transgenderism, drug addiction and pedophilia for a year. It’s the first theater piece fully made from and for Teddy’s Last Ride as an independent company/collective. It’s a combination of dance, live singing, video projections, text and original music composition. In its form it was conceived to be a mash up and coexistence between abstraction/ evocative images and elements from the pop culture.  Let’s call it a socially involved dark fairy tale about morality.

Concept/ Director: Manuel Kiros Paolini
Music: Jonathan Bonny (Composition), Eelke Mastebroek (Guitar), Andy Smart (Vocals)
Dramaturgy: Sander Roux
With: Agnese Fiocchi, Milan Schudel, Andy Smart, Sonia Zwolska
Light: Sanne Hensen
Costume Design: Klaudia Stavreva
Stage Design: Lisa Edberg, Elena Popova, Nadejda Trifonova (Academie Minerva, Time Based Design)
Video Projections: David Boersma, Linh Le, Gabriela Kodzhabasheva (Academie Minerva, Time Based Design)

Special thanks to: Silbersee, Hendrik Aerts, Grand Theatre, Martin Lambeek, Roni Haver, Rinse de Jong, Gert Jan Mulder, Janine de Weerd and Luisa Redenbacher

This production was made possible by:
Kunstraad Groningen, Stichting Beringer Hazewinkel, Emmaplein Foundation, Gemeente Groningen

Teddy’s Last Ride

Teddy’s Last Ride, a piece originally commissioned for Club Guy & Roni’s Weekend Break Festival, was directed, choreographed and performed by the members and founders of what has matured into their very own performing arts collective (also named Teddy’s Last Ride) .

Loosely inspired by the anti-heroes immortalized through Chuck Palahniuk’s gritty tale “Haunted”, the Teddies carry their audience through a thirty minute journey of obscene self-exploration, heartbreaking stories, and dirty ‘basement beats’ as they dance and shuffle their way through the chaos of their 20’s.

Director: Tatiana Matveeva
Dance: Patrick De Haan, Agnese Fiocchi, Manuel Paolini, Milan Schudel, Sonia Zwolska.
Music: Andy Smart, Adriaan Bon.
Lights: Janine De Weerd
Set Design: Pim Kraan
Costume Design: Hiltje Andringa
Producer: Club Guy and Roni

Self Accusation

Self-Accusation, originally made for the Club Guy&Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club, is a sly and ironic attack on moral guilt. A piece based on the play by Peter Handke baring the same name. In Self-Accusation the main character accuses himself of adhering to a range of restricting moral codes, decimating his socalled free will. An image based, interdisciplinary dance peformance with live music and spoken word. A piece that examines collective shame, the guilt felt for being human, dessilusion, regret and failure.  About mortality and the attempt to become something more than what life has to offer. 

Director: Hendrik Aerts
Dance: Agnese Fiocchi, Patrick de Haan, Tatiana Matveeva, Manuel Paolini, Milan Schudel, Sonia Zwolska
Music: Jonathan Bonny, Andy Smart
Video/light: Satu Leskinen
Costumes: Marrit van der Burgt, Camille Bodin (internship)
Make-up: Anna de Vriend
Set design: Marloes Meiborg (internship)
Technique: Martin Lambeek
Special thanks to: Tom Jansen, Karin Deden
Coproduction: Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club, Grand Theatre Groningen, Slagwerk Den Haag



The performance ‘KASPAR’, originally made for Club Guy&Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club, is based on the story of Kaspar Hauser by Peter Handke. According to the boy who spent his first fifteen years in a dark cell in 1828 in the german city Neurenburg, neglected and with the knowledge and behavior of a four years old. He could barely speak but was able to write his name and became a living legend.

Director Hendrik Aerts en choreographer Angela Herenda chose to have all the performers play Kaspar. They are very intrigued by the idea of ‘zonder begrip zijn’. In a dared and in all facets theatrical performance dancers, musicians and performers dive into the life of Kaspar. ‘To be someone like somebody else was once’. With impressive and touching singing and music, and performers that keep your attention drawn.

Directing: Hendrik Aerts
Choreography: Angela Herenda
Performers: Agnese Fiocchi, Patrick de Haan, Harold Luya, Tatiana Matveeva, Manuel Paolini, Milan Schudel and Sonia Zwolska.
Performing/musicians: Judith Döhn, Andy Smart and Elenie Wagner.
Scenography: Pim Kraan
Light Design: Wil Frikken
Sounddesign and general technique: Martin J. A. Lambeek
Make-up: Sara Maarman
Partners Academy Minerva, Kunstraad Groningen.