About Teddy’s Last Ride


(Read in a Tyler Durdenesque voice )
Teddy’s Last Ride, a dance and performance company, completely lost in all social-political discussions. Too incompetent and too (sexually) frustrated to take a stand for anything. A pack of international, multi dysfunctional  misfits in their 20’s. The all dancing, all singing scum of the earth. A tempest in a teapot really, mostly harmless.

A product of the self-centered, unicorn-loving, millennialist de-generation. 
Strong belief in the fact that we are special and chosen. Anti capitalist on the outside, ‘let’s get lunch at Albert-Heijn’ on the inside. Strong concerns about this complex, beautifully flawed and unequal world. One of us is actually vegan, the rest of us just pretend to disagree with the bioindustry. It’s all fake news, so are we.

Full disclosure:
We chose art to be able to do absolutely nothing about anything.

Flipping the finger for the sake of having no alternative solutions. 
This is our live, good to the last drop, it doesn’t get any better than this. Our lives are ending, one minute at a time. Too glam to give a damn, and all that BS. Self destruction is the answer. It’s only after disaster that we can be resurrected. Raging. Raging against the dying of the light. Capitalizing on the thoughts and ideas of others, David Lynching, waking up from Orwellian nightmares,  stumbling down Kerouac’s road. So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Teddy’s Last Ride is a dance and performance company,  founded, performed, and directed by a pack of international misfits in their 20’s. The collective, composed by dancers, musicians and actors was established in Groningen (NL) in 2017.

Through their work they try to make sense of the social dynamics that drive contemporary sociëty and the ways people interact with each other. Every artistic investigation starts of as a personal question or fascination concerning these themes. Content is gathered based on these investigations and translated into theatrical forms that take all shapes and sizes, depending on how the content should be translated and communicated to an audience.

The Teddy’s mission is to find new and contemporary ways of staging theatrical work in coherence with the way their generation perceives  and experiences  art in the 21st century. They break and play with traditional theatre conventions and reïnvent proven methods. The Teddies see it as their responsibility to co-design the future of theatre and to help formulate it’s new right to existence.

Three concepts we work by:

  1. Research through collective effort.
    We apply a fluid organisational structure. As a collective we choose to switch roles within projects in a way that best serves the content of the work. We invite others makers to contribute to projects in order to expand  disciplinary and artistic value. Creation comes from shared efforts, skills, trust, critical thinking and inspiring each other to go beyond disciplinary borders.
  2. Renovating the theatrical paradigm.
    We aim to connect to the next generation of theatre audiences. Being part of that generation we feel the need to find new places and ways to perform our work. You can find us at festivals, events and public spaces. These places enable an audience to put different experiences into context with each other and by doing so, creating new and unforeseen insights.
  3. Taking risk, being bold.
    The reality of manifesting art is hard and unforgiving. Knowing this we design our plans unrestricted by practical compromise. We aim high and dream big, knowing that this will enable the result to become something that goes beyond set expectations and practical boundaries.